KAMPERMAN Pro Riders’ Agency is offering a "Continental Service" for Riders that are looking for a (or another) UCI Continental Team to join. This Service is specifically tailored towards UCI Continental Teams  and does not require a mutually signed Mediation Contract.


What is included in the Continental Service?

  • Kamperman Pro Riders' Agency will contact 10-12 mutually pre-approved UCI Continental Teams
  • This contact consists of email communication and contact via telephone, Skype, etc.
  • Included in the email are possibly: performance data, best results (also non UCI races), motivational letter and C.V.
  • The Continental Service is a "best effort" based service, i.e. not based on "no cure, no pay"; an invoice will be sent to the Rider before the service commences
  • The price is a one-time fee of 500.00 Euro, exclusive VAT (subject to errors and changes)