The Kamperman A.M.O. method is a unique method that consists of three phases:


1.    Assessment

2.    Mediation

3.    Optimization


During the Assessment or “mirror” phase a dialogue takes place with the rider in which the following topics are discussed: strengths, improvement areas, level of ambition, support needed, favorite next cycling team, personality questions as well as other topics. After this phase it becomes clear if there is a mutual basis for a mediation (representation) contract between Kamperman Pro Riders’ Agency and the rider.


During the Mediation phase, the outcome of the Assessment phase will be used to recruit specifically and intelligently. Not just go for a “pro contract”; go for the best available pro contract suited to the riders’ needs, with a sustainable career in mind. In order to obtain the maximum result, the rider will be given a personalized and tailor made budget that can be used for, for example, sustainable nutrition, training, coaching, equipment - topics that will improve the level of the rider.


During the Optimization phase the maximum potential of the rider will be discussed. What are the riders’ financial plans and options? What additional revenue streams are interesting? What are the career possibilities after the rider has stopped racing professionally? Kamperman Pro Riders’ Agency is steadily building up a network that is able to execute on these questions positively.  


It is clear that, over time, a rider evolves regarding his ambition levels, achievements, financial situation and so on. That’s why the three phases need to be seen as a continuous process.