KAMPERMAN Pro Riders’ Agency was founded in January 2018. Its foundations are an enormous passion for professional cycling and a drive, servicing professional cyclists impeccably during their pro careers. So that riders can focus on the sportive elements entirely, not having to worry about or put efforts into the commercial, financial and contractual aspects of their job.


My name is Carlo Kamperman, a UCI Licensed Riders' Agent, having obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, at Nijmegen University.  I am continuously expanding my network that consists of riders, managers, sports directors, other influencers and businesses. The first WorldTour contract has been realized and hopefully there will be more pro contracts to follow during the 2021 season.  


 Main Focus areas:

1. North-West Europe: Benelux, Germany, Scandinavian & Baltic Countries 

2. Central Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

3. South-Central Europe: Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia